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 Community Housing Center


                 A non-profit 501c3 Corporation 

Permanent & tempoary housing soultions, grant help, landlord dispute resolution, lease negotiations, home purchase and selling, financial assitance and community investments and education. 

Rome, GA 

Mother and Daughter
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Help US

We need your help!  More imporatnly the community needs your help!  Our housing center is non-profit and therefore need dontations and sponsorships to substain and grown our community efforts.  


Our center is funded by community sponsors, businesses, and with the help of anyone that wants to make just a little difference in the life of a parent or child needing a safe place to call home.  


Zellerman Brokerage donates 100% of its profits in Floyd County to fund the housing center this along with grants, community support and individial donations it makes us in Rome to have one of the most progressive and first of its kind housing centers!  


We keep people and families off the street, in safe conditions, educated, and save tax payers money by helping keep landlords/tenants out of our courts,  empowering the homeless to be productive citizens, and help find homes for those getting out of jail so they don't end up right back in it.  


Our Center also saves familes and individals thousands upon thousands in home purchase and sale cost plus helping them negotiate leases that are proactive and good for all parties! 


If you are considering dontating, a corporate sponsorship, or even sponsoring a family or person in need then we invite each of you to visit our center and see us in action and the positive change we are hopefully making for our community.  








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