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*Active Managing Broker 

*Advanced Technology 

*Use of firm Supra Lockboxes

*Award Winning Broker Support

*Company Reputation 

*24/7 Office access 

*Onsite 24/7 Security 

*Full FMLS Access 

*Zero monthly fees of any kind

*Zero Administration Fees

*Zero Technology Fees

*Upto 80/20 commission Splits

*No Desk Time or floor duty

*No required ongoing meetings

*Work from Home or the Office

*Large Conference Center

*No Mandatory Board Dues

*Advanced Training 

*Free CE Hours 

*Teams are Welcome

*Custom Marketing Solutions 

*Management  Opportunities

*Exclusive Discounts 

*Custom Agent Websites 




Zellerman Head Quarters Lobby Atlanta
Zellerman Real estate awards buckead
Zellerman for sale sign Atlanta realtor
Zellerman for sale sign Atlanta realtor
Zellerman for sale sign Atlanta realtor

Do you have what it takes to work with Zellerman?  


New to the business? That's ok as we have years of experience and will guide and promote your career as we only make money when you yes, you will be booked and as often as possible.


Look at all other firms first, then come experience the tradition of Zellerman.









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Zellerman Silent Agent Alarm 






















Premier Zillow Partner 















Secure Agent Back-end 












*Online forms/contracts

*Use of Supra Lock boxes

*Use of firm Video Equipment

*Use of firm Camera Equipment 

*Color Laser Printer

*Multi-document scanners

*Company Email (yourname@zellerman)

*Full FMLS Access 

*Flat Screen Agent Computers

*Free Wi-Fi 

*Encrypted Communications

*1st to integrate FMLS & GMLS 

*1st to display square footage


agent web site
Zellerman Silent Alarm
Zillow and Zellerman Partners Premier Agent
Zellerman agent backend atlanta luxury realestate





Agent Plan


Managing Broker
Jason Fox











Jason Fox is known in the industry for making seemingly impossible deals happen by being diligent and determined enough to see them through to a successful conclusion. 


With over 5,300 transactions under his belt and hundreds of millions of dollars in sold real estate, Jason provides his full skill set to each agent at Zellerman to make every deal successful.


Having been involved in the real estate market for over 15 years, Jason has changed the way real estate is done in the Atlanta area with his triumphant fight to display square footage on all property listings and the successful integration of FMLS and GAMLS through reciprocity providing mutual benefits to both consumers and agents-consumers can access and agents can advertise all listings through one visible data source.   


Jason willingly participates in each and every deal at Zellerman and has a reputation for taking agents’ calls very late into the evenings as “real estate never sleeps.”  Jason states:


                 “Our agents are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and as a broker, I always make myself available to secure or address a deal.  Agents that have “normal hours” do not understand the way the business works nor will their clients.  We work during the week, and we work even harder when people are off and that’s just the nature of the service business.  My job as your broker is to help ensure each deal is a success and that your hard work pays off.” 

Jason Fox







HR Manager 


Lori Speaks




New Talent Manager 


Marcus Allen




Associate Brokers 


Mr. Robert Burgess


Mr. Wayne Byrd 


Dr. Larry Smith 






Jason Fox Broker Atlanta Zellerman Real estate

Recruiting Qualifed Talent

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