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Do we have to pay board dues with Zellerman? No, Zellerman is not part of any union or board. At this time we do not see it beneficial to our agents or clients needs.


Is Zellerman a member of GAMLS? Zellerman is a member of FMLS which covers all service areas.


If I am currently a Realtor board member what happens if I join Zellerman? While we would invite you to ask your local boards for clarity on that question but in general your membership would be no longer required.


Does Zellerman have any caps on commission earnings? No, agents have unlimited income potential and the same 80/20 split applies to every agent across the board on each sale. There is no firm limit on transactions either.


How quickly are agents paid after closing? Generally 48 hours after closing your bank will receive an electronic deposit into your account.


Why does Zellerman require agents not to have a record with GREC? We work hard on having a good reputation with our clients and other agents. While there maybe a good explanation for an instance we prefer agents across the board with perfect records as Zellerman currently has.


What expenses will I have joining Zellerman? There is no cost to join our firm and you only pay your split when a sale is made. The only expense you may have is on your own marketing materials such as business cards, signs, ect.


Is there a minimum number of sales required? No


Can I transfer my current listings? Yes, if your current brokers agrees in writing as the listings belong to your broker.


What areas can I work in with Zellerman? Anywhere in the state of Georgia.


Does Zellerman charge a technology fee? No


Does Zellerman charge a transaction fee? No


Does Zellerman charge a franchise fee? No


How do I get signs and business cards? We have an on-line store where you can order marketing materials as needed and will be shipped directly to your home office.


Does Zellerman provide lockboxes? Each agent will be responsible for purchase and use of their own lockboxes.


Does Zellerman provide signs? Agents purchase their own signs at a cost usually less than the standard riders many agencies use. Our signs are custom made and we have agents names and contact info printing directly on the signs themselves for easy instal and a more professional look.


How long does it take to transfer my license to Zellerman? It takes in general 24 hours for the process. Your current broker needs to release your license back to the GREC and then Zellerman will add it.

Will I get my own web-site? Yes, after your first completed closing.


How do I turn in Earnest money deposits if I work from home? Zellerman and Wells Fargo Bank work together so you can deposit funds at ANY Wells Fargo location in Georgia.


Does Zellerman have weekly required meetings? No, while we do have meetings its rare it is required as a whole.


Does Zellerman work with Commercial? Yes


Does Zellerman work with New Construction? Yes


Does Zellerman provide buyer rebates or discounted listings? No, Zellerman is a full service brokerage firm and not a discount brokerage.  While each listing price is a negotiation between seller and brokerage those listing which maybe at a reduced rate must be approved by the broker.  Listings average 6-8% depending on the situation. See the agent handbook for more info. 


I'm ready to join..what are my next steps?  Complete the on-line applicatin here then we will be in touch via email with questions or approval.  Once approved you will need to have your current broker release your license back to the state and we will then add you to the team...its that easy.  







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